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Sundown Lane

God is moving at Harvest Connexion Church, and we are preparing the way for the next wave of growth and opportunities to share the Gospel in Amarillo and across the world. Our church has seen incredible growth over the past few years. We all experienced the miracle that took place as we moved into our current facility on Bonham street, and we are confident that God is going to blow us away again with His mercies and provisions as we take this leap of faith into our new building.

Connecting upward, inward,
and outward

This is more than. a building campaign; this is a group of people saying yes to God and his vision for our church to be a light to our community. Join us as we expand God's vision for generations to come.

Why are we building?

The fact is our current facility is packed and doesn't allow us the opportunity to expand our reach into the community. Our new facility will allow us space, visibility, and infrastructure to move forward with the vision God has given us.

Join us on the journey

We invite you and your family to join us on this journey. The only way we will be able to see God's plan in action is by your generosity. We ask asking our church family to seek God in prayer and ask how He wants you to partner with Connexion to make this vision become a reality. Please consider how you can say Yes and be a part of God's plan at Connexion.

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